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Each one of our cases is tirelessly engineered to bring you value through functionality. Most phone cases only work when you drop them. Our cases work for you whether you're streaming, mounting, gripping, or dropping them. Don't use a useless case.

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I love this! I’m clumsy and drop my phone too much, but with the Scooch I can hold my phone steady. It makes setting it to record myself or take a photo or even watch something on my phone super easy. I love that I can change the background design and show my personality! It’s my favorite!

Micah H. on January 20, 2022

Scooch Scooch Wingman | Kickstand Case for the iPhone 13 Pro
Wingman for iPhone 13 Pro
Sale price$ 39.99
Scooch WINGMOUNT Scooch Wingmount | Universal Magnetic Car Mount
Wingmount - Universal Magnetic Car Mount
Sale price$ 15.99
Scooch WINGMATE iPhone 12 Scooch Wingmate Hidden Wallet Case for iPhone 13 Pro
Wingmate for iPhone 13 Pro
Sale price$ 29.99

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