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How to Caption Photos in Photos App

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Never lose a photo again

In iOS 15, Apple added the functionality to add captions to your photos within the Photos app. You can use this to add more context to your photos (obviously), but what I'm using it for is something much more functional. Here's how to never lose a photo again:

Simply choose a photo, swipe up, tap Add a Caption, type your caption, and tap Done.

Here's why captions are powerful:

Imagine taking a picture of something that you need to reference later. Maybe it's meeting notes, a menu, your ID, your vaccination card, a screenshot, or something else that you need to find quickly. Now imagine that photo living in a sea of thousands of other photos. It's impossible to find.

You can use the new Add a Caption feature to add keywords to a photo's caption so that you can quickly search for it. For instance, caption the words "driver license ID card" to a photo of your ID, and then you can search for any of those words in the app to quickly find it. You can do this for any photo! The conveniences are endless.

To search for the photo, simply tap the Search button at the bottom of the screen, type in a keyword that's in the caption, and the photo will show up in the search results!

We recommend that you add several loosely related keywords to the caption for easier finding. Variations like misspellings and plurals are also good to add.