How to Keep Your Phone Alive Longer Scooch

How to Keep Your Phone Alive Longer

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Stop letting your phone die.

In today's Scooch Hacks, we're showing you how to take your battery life to the next level. This isn't just "turn on Low Power Mode" either.

Live footage of me every time my phone dies:

Tip #1: Turn off Background App Refresh

Go to Settings > General > Background App Refresh

This is a feature that automatically refreshes your apps when you're not using them. This is a huge battery drainer. Some like it because updated content shows up immediately when you open apps. Personally, I don't need my Instagram feed to refresh when I'm not using it, so I turn it off for all of my apps. It saves battery and I don't even notice a difference. It's also better for privacy.

Tip #2: Turn off Listen for "Hey Siri"

Go to Settings > Siri & Search > Listen for "Hey Siri"

Siri is always listening and waiting for you to call her name. Turn this setting off and your microphone will finally be able to rest.

Tip #3: Turn off Unnecessary Notifications

Go to Settings > Notifications

Notifications are the top cause of dead phones. Go through your notifications settings and deny pesky apps the ability to send notifications. Constant waking, vibrating, and connecting to the internet are what make these notifications so deadly to phone batteries. Not to mention, they make you want to use your phone, which happens to drain battery.

We could list off 20 more things, but if you really want to learn more, you should watch Brandon Butch's "iOS 15 - 40+ Tips to Improve Battery Life!" video. And if all else fails, yeah, maybe just leave Low Power Mode on.