How to Use Back Tap on iPhone Scooch

How to Use Back Tap on iPhone

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The secret iPhone button that can do anything

Well, it can't walk your dog or do your taxes, but there are infinite iPhone-related things that you can do with it. And it's not really a button. It's called Back Tap. When you double or triple-tap the back of your iPhone, it will trigger an action or series of actions depending on how you set it up. Here's an example of me using it to open up my camera: 

Step 1: Decide what you want it to do. Open the Shortcuts App and create a new shortcut that opens an app, sends a message, performs an action or two, gets directions, or opens your wallet. Shortcuts can do so many things, and it's worth exploring the app and creating a really useful one.

Step 2: Make Back Tap run the shortcut. Open Settings > Accessibility > Touch > Back Tap > and choose the shortcut you created. You can set different shortcuts for double or triple taps. That's like having 2 secret buttons!

Sometimes I activate it accidentally, but it's not that bad and it doesn't happen all the time. I have a double-tap set to open my camera and triple-tap to create a new note. Hope you get some use out of it!