How to Use Text Replacement on iPhone Scooch

How to Use Text Replacement on iPhone

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The single smartphone hack that's saved me hours of typing over the years

 Here it is. My Magnum Opus. I've shared a lot of phone hacks over the last few months, but this one is my favorite, and it's called Text Replacement. On iPhone, go to Settings > General > Keyboards > Text Replacement, tap "+" and let's get it started. Android phones can do this too.

1) Use it for auto-filling addresses.

Phrase: 123 Home Ct City ST 90210, 456 Work Rd City ST 90210
Shortcut: addressme, addresswork

How many times do you get asked what your address is? Your friends, family, online forms, GPS - they all need it, and you hate typing it out every time. Just create a new text replacement, enter your address as the Phrase, and use "addressme" as the shortcut. now just type "addressme", press space bar, and it will autofill as your full address. You can also do "addressmom", "addresswork" or any other address that you frequently type out. Put in the city, state, and zip code so that you're specific and accurate every time.

2) Emojis.

Phrase: 🌯, 😁, 🤠, ✌️
Shortcut: eburrito, esmile, ecowboy, epeace

Hate searching for the perfect emoji? I do. I don't use the 🌯 burrito emoji very often, but when I need it, it's never in my recents, and I hate searching for it. I'd rather have a shortcut for it. Use "🌯" or any emoji as the Phrase, and type in"eburrito" or whatever you want as the Shortcut. I add the "e" for "emoji" so that it doesn't autofill EVERY time i type in "burrito" because sometimes I don't want the emoji. You can also use it for combinations of emojis when you want. I do these a lot: 🥺👉👈  and 😎👉👉

3) Simple phrases that you say a lot.

Phrase: good morning, thank you, be right back, let me know
Shortcut: gm, ty, brb, lmk

Use "gm" for good morning, "brb" for be right back, "ty" for thank you, "hbu" for how about you. The person on the other end will feel like you put more effort into the conversation if you send them more than basic acronyms. I also have the entire lyrics to "Never Gonna Give You Up" by Rick Astley in a Text Replacement because I like to Rickroll my friends.

4) Email addresses, phone numbers, Instagram usernames.

Phrase:, +1 (123) 555-4567, @scoochcase
Shortcut: @email, @phone, @ig

Put your personal email address, work email address, personal phone, Instagram username, or anything that you type out often. I like to use "@email" as the Shortcut and my email address as the Phrase so that i never mistype my email address again. "@phone" for my phone number with country code and area code.

What's so beautiful about this hack is that there are TONS of ways to use it. Get creative and ask yourself, "What do I type out repeatedly?" Hope you get some use out of it!