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How to Use the Measure App on iPhone

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An entire toolbox in your phone

Did you know you can measure stuff with your phone? I didn't. This entire time I've been using a tape measure like a fool. iPhones have a built-in app called "Measure" which you can use to measure almost anything! And it's extremely accurate.

Open up the Measure app on your iPhone and point it at anything. Press the "+" button and drag until the point that you want to stop measuring, just like a tape measure. As you can see, it's super accurate. ⬇️

It can also automatically calculate the dimensions of small objects. In case you need to know the surface area of things like the MagWallet, which is of course, extremely compact ¯\_(ツ)_/¯  ⬇️

It also has a built-in level function. No more crooked pictures on your wall! Just tap the "Level" tab next to the "Measure" tab to open it up.

For our Android users, I found an app for you. It's called "Ruler App - Camera Tape Measure" and it does everything that the Measure app does and more!