Top 5 Features of iOS 16 Scooch

Top 5 Features of iOS 16

Top 5 features of iOS 16

1) All new lockscreens! When iOS 16 releases this fall, the first thing new users will notice is new fonts, new wallpaper/clock layering features, and widgets on the lockscreen! Widgets!! My lockscreen is gonna be so aesthetically pleasing ✨

2) Messages. You can now edit messages! No more regretful typos. You can mark messages as unread so that you can get back to them later. You can also unsend messages too! Time to gaslight all my friends 😈

3) Notifications. Notifications load in from the bottom on your lockscreen to better show off your wallpaper. Some notifications can now change dynamically to show their respective app's "Live Activity" - think food delivery status, Uber ride status, and ongoing sports game scores.

4) Shared photos. Sharing photos with friends and family should be a lot easier now with "iCloud Shared Photo Library" - you can take pictures that are immediately sent to a shared library, and your personal photos are kept in your independent library. Hopefully, nothing goes wrong there 😬 

5) Apple Pay Later. Apparently you can make a purchase with Apple Pay, and just pay it off over multiple installments without any interest? But like, it's not a credit card? Now I can afford those 400 Wingmate cases I've been needing 🤯

There's a ton more news: to see it all, click here.