Top 5 ways to use your Scooch case this summer: Scooch

Top 5 ways to use your Scooch case this summer:

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 #1) Kick back at the pool and watch a video with the Wingman. After a long swimming sesh, you deserve to lounge out and work on that tan while your Wingman props up some good content for you. Try not to fall asleep with it on your chest though, no one wants a Clickstand tan line.

#2) Grill out while FaceTiming with the Wingmate. The Wingmate's card kickstand puts your phone at the perfect angle for a hands-free FaceTime call. Keep flipping those burgers, and tell your mom you love her, face-to-face. Save a hot dog for me please.

#3) GPS your way to a family vacation with the Wingmount. Every Scooch product is compatible with our tiny, strong car mount, the Wingmount. Mount your phone in your car effortlessly and keep the good times rolling.

#4) Grip your phone on an amusement park ride with the Wingback. You were sending a last-minute text before the roller coaster took off, and you're pinned between someone else and the edge of the seat - no way can you get it into your pocket now. Pop that Wingback and hold on tight.

#5) Protect your phone from drops when you're active. You're enjoying a bike ride on a sunny day, you hit one bump, and boom - your phone falls. It's scratched and cracked on the cement. Should've had the Wingmate Total Protection Package with $200 Device Coverage. Talk about road rash.