Top 5 New Features on the iPhone 14 Series

HERE'S WHAT'S NEW WITH THE IPHONE 14 SERIES The new iPhone 14's are being delivered on this beautiful Friday. It's almost scary how cool the iPhone 14 series is. Here's the scoop on these shiny blocks of metal and glass:   1) DYNAMIC ISLAND (on the Pros) The pill cutout, the notch, the front-facing camera - whatever you wanna call it. It looks like this now. But only on the iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max. It has sleek animations to help you see what background tasks are being performed. It kind of acts as a little app switcher. It also holds an all-new 12MP selfie camera and the new, smaller Face ID sensors.   2) BETTER CAMERAS Surprised? All of the iPhone 14 cameras got improved with bigger sensors, which means better colors, background separation, and low-light abilities. All of the 14's also have Action Mode, which stabilizes video even more during intense movements. The iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max now have 48 freakin' megapixels. Wow, what a glow-up. That's, like, DSLR camera status. This means that you will get a lot more resolution out of every photo you take on the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max. The photos are downsampled so that they don't take up a ton of storage, but are still super crispy.   3) CRASH DETECTION All of the new iPhone 14's come with car crash detection. If you're ever in a car crash and non-responsive for a period of time, your phone will automatically call emergency services. That's kind of amazing.   4) SOS VIA SATELLITE Now you have access to emergency services via satellite if you're ever out of range of a cell tower. iPhone 14 has a user interface that guides you through how to get a good satellite connection. Aim your phone at the nearest satellite and you're able to send messages to emergency services if you're stuck somewhere without reception. Far out.   5) NEW SIZES AND COLORS Apple got rid of the iPhone Mini and decided to do an iPhone 14 Plus. The 14 Plus has a 6.7-inch screen and way better battery life for a much cheaper price than the 14 Pro Max. So, if you wanted a larger iPhone for under $1000, you've got it! There's also a new purple color for both the 14's and 14 Pros, a new light blue for the regular 14's, and a space black color for the 14 Pros. Speaking of colors and design, your new iPhone 14 was designed to go well with our new cases 😉

Top 5 Features of iOS 16

Top 5 features of iOS 16 1) All new lockscreens! When iOS 16 releases this fall, the first thing new users will notice is new fonts, new wallpaper/clock layering features, and widgets on the lockscreen! Widgets!! My lockscreen is gonna be so aesthetically pleasing ✨ 2) Messages. You can now edit messages! No more regretful typos. You can mark messages as unread so that you can get back to them later. You can also unsend messages too! Time to gaslight all my friends 😈 3) Notifications. Notifications load in from the bottom on your lockscreen to better show off your wallpaper. Some notifications can now change dynamically to show their respective app's "Live Activity" - think food delivery status, Uber ride status, and ongoing sports game scores. 4) Shared photos. Sharing photos with friends and family should be a lot easier now with "iCloud Shared Photo Library" - you can take pictures that are immediately sent to a shared library, and your personal photos are kept in your independent library. Hopefully, nothing goes wrong there 😬  5) Apple Pay Later. Apparently you can make a purchase with Apple Pay, and just pay it off over multiple installments without any interest? But like, it's not a credit card? Now I can afford those 400 Wingmate cases I've been needing 🤯 There's a ton more news: to see it all, click here.

iPhone 14 Early Rumors

the iPhone 14's all-seeing "i" So according to some early rumors, the iPhone is actually gonna look a little different this year. The notch in the screen is turning into a little pill-looking thing, the camera bump is slimming down, and no more iPhone Mini??? Photo by MacRumors The Lineup: iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Max, iPhone 14 Pro, iPhone 14 Pro Max. There's gonna be TWO Max-sized phones this year and no Mini. The iPhone 13 Mini and 12 Mini didn't sell that well. No surprise that they're getting rid of it. The Notch/Pill Thing: The iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max are rumored to get this sleek new-looking notch that looks like a sideways 'i'. The screen goes around it and I think it looks kinda sick. Functionally though? I'm not sure it will make a difference. However... There are rumors that the front-facing camera will have a massive improvement over previous generations. Your selfie quality has always sucked in comparison to the REAL cameras on the back. With iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max, they might actually be comparable. The camera bump on the back has slowly been growing ever since the iPhone 6 in 2014. For the first time, we might see an actual reduction in the size of the camera bump. Apple might make the iPhone a little thicker to compensate for this, which I actually don't mind. More room for battery! Hallelujah!!! Just to be clear, these are all still just rumors. Nothing can be confirmed until September! Click here to read more from MacRumors.

iOS 15

Everything iOS 15 Release Date:   Apple Every year, Apple hosts a livestream event to announce the release of new iPhones. Usually, the newest version of iOS is released to the public during the same week. Since the iPhone event will likely be on either September 7th or 14th, iOS 15 will probably be released to the public within one of those weeks. Here are some of the main features users will get with the update:  App Redesigns & Quality of Life Improvements: You'll find plenty of useful updates to the built-in apps you use every day. The weather app now has more visual details to help you understand the forecast, including down-to-the-minute precipitation information and maps. Other apps like Safari have been updated to include a more intuitive interface, making it easy to find what you need. Notifications:   Apple Notifications have been overhauled with new ways to see what's really important. Now, a notification summary that shows only the most relevant notifications will be presented to you on a daily basis. This can all be tweaked to your preferences. Regular notifcations have also been redesigned to be more visually appealing. Focus: Focus is a brand new feature that allows you to only allow certain notifications to come through based on what you're doing. If you're at work, you can opt to only receive work-related notifications. If you're relaxing at home, you may prefer to only let personal notifications come through.  SharePlay & FaceTime: Apple Ever wanted to watch a show or listen to a song with a friend while you're on a FaceTime call? SharePlay allows users to share the same experience while on a FaceTime call. If you pause, skip ahead or change the song, you'll both see the same thing and still be able to hear each other speak. There's still so much more! We're excited to see these features come to iPhone users. If you want to learn more about iOS 15, be sure to check out the linked articles below. That's where we got our information. Keep your eyes out for our newsletter every week for more fun, informative stuff! Apple Tom's Guide MacRumors

iPhone 13 Rumors

iPhone 13 Latest Rumors Release Date: MarketWatch Apple normally releases the new iPhones on the 3rd or 4th Friday of September. With COVID last year, the release was pushed back to October, but most expect Apple to revert to the pre-COVID timeline. Expect iPhone 13s to release in stores on September 17th or 24th and an announcement about 10 days before. Sizes: Only small design changes are expected for the iPhone 13 series. This means we will likely see a similar lineup to the iPhone 12 series. We can expect to see an iPhone 13 Mini, iPhone 13 & 13 Pro, and an iPhone 13 Pro Max, all with the same screen sizes, but the phones are expected to be a bit thicker. Colors: EverythingApplePro There are a lot of rumored colors out there for the iPhone 13s, and they could be different across sizes. The colors pictured above are some of the latest rumored for the iPhone 13 Pro model. Make sure to get a clear Scooch Wingman case to see these new colors ;) Battery: The iPhone 13s are rumored to be getting a battery upgrade - check out the numbers below: And don't worry, we are stepping up our game for the new iPhone 13 series also. Stay tuned over the next couple months for updates to the Wingman design for the iPhone 13s, an updated Wingback design, a wallet accessory, and more! Let us know if you want to see more iPhone/Samsung updates and rumors, and be sure to check out these articles where we got our info for more. Tom's Guide MacRumors TechRadar

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