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iPhone 13 Latest Rumors

Release Date:


Apple normally releases the new iPhones on the 3rd or 4th Friday of September. With COVID last year, the release was pushed back to October, but most expect Apple to revert to the pre-COVID timeline. Expect iPhone 13s to release in stores on September 17th or 24th and an announcement about 10 days before.


Only small design changes are expected for the iPhone 13 series. This means we will likely see a similar lineup to the iPhone 12 series. We can expect to see an iPhone 13 Mini, iPhone 13 & 13 Pro, and an iPhone 13 Pro Max, all with the same screen sizes, but the phones are expected to be a bit thicker.



There are a lot of rumored colors out there for the iPhone 13s, and they could be different across sizes. The colors pictured above are some of the latest rumored for the iPhone 13 Pro model. Make sure to get a clear Scooch Wingman case to see these new colors ;)


The iPhone 13s are rumored to be getting a battery upgrade - check out the numbers below:

And don't worry, we are stepping up our game for the new iPhone 13 series also. Stay tuned over the next couple months for updates to the Wingman design for the iPhone 13s, an updated Wingback design, a wallet accessory, and more!

Let us know if you want to see more iPhone/Samsung updates and rumors, and be sure to check out these articles where we got our info for more.

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