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5 Statistics About Broken Phones (And How You Can Better Protect Yours)

July 14, 2020 1 Comment

Cracked Phone

72% of People have Broken a Phone

Props to those in the 28%, but we all know someone who has a broken phone screen. And sometimes these breaks happen in the weirdest ways possible. Including “violently sneezing and cracking it on my bedpost”, “using it as a baseball”, and “watching my kid throw it out of a car window”. Yeah…

The Average Time from Purchase to Break is Approximately 10 Weeks

This is the stat that blows my mind the most on this list. At 10 weeks, that new phone is still brand spanking new, and a lot of breaks happen even before that.

Americans Break 2 Phone Screens Every Second

Every. Second. That’s tons of screens, literally. 5,761 per hour to be exact.

Dropping a phone

74% of Smartphone Damage is Caused by Dropping on the Ground

The classic arch nemesis of your phone’s screen, the ground. The few seconds of panic as you helplessly watch your phone fall to the ground are painstakingly long. And as you pick up your phone to see if it is cracked, your mind races through all of the worst-case scenarios. This has to be one of the most anxiety-inducing moments.

59% of Men Who Damaged Their Smartphone Did It in the Garage

Did you know that men are more likely to break their phones than women? According to studies, men are more likely to break their phones in the garage and on driveway than anywhere else. The garage is a dangerous place for your phone’s screen. Rock solid surfaces and heavy objects all around can do some serious harm to your phone, so it’s no surprise to see this number so high.

All these stats go to show how easily our phone screens can crack, and we all know how costly it can be to repair them. We’re left with a tough choice- cough up the cash for a brand new screen, or stare at that cracked screen every time we pick up your phones. Protection is essential, but many times even a phone case doesn’t quite get the job done. One edge sticking out can instantly shatter the screen. So what can we do?

Fortress Glass

We can continue to take the risk, or start protecting our phones with something more. Luckily Scooch has our phones covered front and back, with our brand new partnership with Fortress Tempered Glass.

Fortress Tempered Glass comes with an easy installer, to make sure you get the perfect fit every time. And if your phone screen breaks with Fortress Tempered Glass on, we’ll protect up to $200 on your repair, so you can’t lose.

Check out the Fortress Focus, Fortress's easy glass installer!

Fortress Focus

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