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ReStyle Your Phone Case

July 14, 2020

The average consumer accumulates about 6 accessories per phone

At Scooch, we’re always looking for new ways to improve your phone’s accessories. One comment we continued to receive was people asking for new colors. And we heard you. But why lock yourself into just one color, when you can change out multiple in the same phone case? Allow me to explain.

Scooch’s new ReStyle inserts give your phone a brand new look without needing to buy a brand new case. The insert is a thin, non-sticky sheet that is held between your phone and phone case (you will need a clear case). And because it is not sticky (and because we give you multiple colors), you can easily change your look anytime.

Scooch ReStyle Inserts

Patterned cases can cost up to $40-50 on some websites

Patterned cases can be pretty cool, but eventually seeing the same pattern every time can get old. And when it costs $40-50 for a new one, it’s certainly not cost-effective. However, all of Scooch’s ReStyle bundles cost less than $10, and give you the same look as a patterned case. You won’t need to break the bank anymore to get your phone some fresh looks.

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Styles pictured above: Leopard, Painter Canvas, Blushing Feather, Pink Marble, White & Gold Marble

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