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4 Stats that Prove Smartphones are Taking Over Video Streaming

July 14, 2020

Scooch Wingman

75% of All Video Plays are on Mobile Devices

Crazy right? It seems like our mobile phones continue to become the go-to place for just about everything, now even taking up 75% of the video market. I guess as the screens get bigger, video gets easier to watch.

70% of YouTube watch time comes on mobile devices

OG iOS users remember the pre-installed YouTube app that looked like an old TV. I don’t think Apple or YouTube ever could have imagined how popular YouTube would eventually grow to, especially on mobile. See the next stat for just how big.

1 billion hours of video is watched on YouTube each day

It’s hard to fathom a billion of anything. 1 billion hours is a looooong time. In fact, if you traveled 1 billion hours back in time, you’d be crafting stone tools with your ancestors in the Stone Age (112,139 BC).

92% of mobile video viewers share videos with others

This one certainly plays a large part in the popularity of video streaming on smartphones. We’ve all shared a funny video with a friend, or had someone share one with us. And with the incredible ease of a share button or copying and pasting a link, good content can spread quickly. Sort of like a pandemic. Too soon?

 Scooch Wingman

Smartphones have become extremely video-friendly, as you can see by the stats above, but there’s still one big downside to them. Since the back is flat, you can’t get that perfect angle like a laptop or TV screen without holding it the entire time. With Scooch’s Wingman though, you can easily stand up your phone both horizontally and vertically, and when you’re done the kickstand pops back in to make your phone sleek again.

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