Our iPhone 14 Case Lineup

Apple just announced the iPhone 14 event   September 7th: iPhone 14 series gets unveiled by Apple.September 9th: iPhone 14 pre-orders go out.September 16th: They're in your hands. And we're ready; Ready to protect your new iPhone and give you all sorts of new ways to use it. Most of these new cases will be available for purchase on September 7th, right when Apple announces it. You'll be able to have your case before your iPhone 14 even shows up in the mail. Here is our iPhone 14 Series Lineup of cases. Wingmate Our famous wallet case in an all-new purple color, along with the classic black. Now comes with $100 device coverage in case your phone breaks. Wingman Classic Scooch 5-in-1 functionality in Clear and Tuxedo Clear. Now comes with $100 device coverage in case your phone breaks. MagCase Scooch's first venture into MagSafe - compatible with all our upcoming MagSafe accessories. It has super strong magnets and it always comes bundled with a tempered glass screen protector. Also comes with $100 device coverage. *May not be available until mid-late September MagWallet Scooch's first MagSafe accessory. A match made in heaven when combined with the MagCase. 4-in-1 functionality in a MagSafe wallet. ReStyle Bundles Our most popular prints, back together in a convenient bundle. Compatible with all of our clear cases.  And even more is coming... Get ready folks. This year is gonna be a doozy. More announcements are yet to come. We'll let you know when it all lands on our website.

Introducing the MagCase

MagSafe users rejoice! This week, you're getting another early look at our new products. Last week we talked about our slim new MagWallet phone attachment. This week, you're the first to know about the case that pairs perfectly with it. This is just a sneak peek, so stay tuned for the official announcement and pre-order availability. Designed for all iPhone 13 and iPhone 14 models The MagCase isn't any ordinary MagSafe case. We spent months rigorously testing and refining the design of this case. Just like all of our other cases, the MagCase is EXO-D certified from drops up to 10 feet, meeting or exceeding military drop test standards with our Impact Corners and raised lips around the entire case. The MagCase is best option for those wanting to get the most out of their MagWallet. We designed the strongest magnets in any MagSafe case. With 2 pounds of holding power, the MagCase sticks to the MagWallet like glue. They're truly a match made in heaven. Fully adjustable, fully functional. The magnets in the MagCase align flawlessly with the magnets in the MagWallet, You can adjust it any way you want to get the perfect angle on your kickstand, and with the help of the MagWallet, you can mount your phone with the Wingmount. The MagCase and the MagWallet will also be available in a bundle... Our most functional phone accessories yet, together as one. This was just an early look. Pre-orders will be going live in the next couple of months, so stay subscribed and keep an eye out. You will be able to get your hands on these products very soon.

Introducing the MagWallet

The most "Scooch" product ever: This week, you're getting an early look at our latest and greatest. Scooch is stepping into the world of MagSafe with two new products, the MagWallet and the MagCase. If you didn't know, MagSafe is an iPhone technology that's been around since iPhone 12 that allows you to magnetically attach chargers and accessories to the back of your phone. This week we're focusing on the MagWallet and we'll give you a peek at the MagCase next week, so stick around for that. Here it is, the MagWallet in all it's glory: 2 Colors: Midnight and Saddle Brown The WagWallet is impossibly thin. It's thinner than our Wingman's Clickstand, yet still provides all the flagship functionality that you can expect from a Scooch product. It's made out of high-quality leather, fine stitching all the way around, and super-strong magnets on the front and back, capable of withstanding 2 pounds of outward force. 1. Grip it: Slide your finger through the kickstand loop for a firm grip. You can also turn the MagWallet sideways for a nice grip on the side of your phone. 2. Horizontal/Vertical Kickstand: It's what we do best. Simply reposition and adjust the MagWallet on the back of your phone any way you like for a perfect content viewing experience. 3. Store it: Store 3-4 cards (depending on thickness) and slide them out easily with the thumb slider hole. 4. Mount it: The MagWallet is, of course, magnetic on the back and fully compatible with our Wingmount car mount. Not to mention, you can use it with or without a case (MagSafe Case) so long as you have an iPhone 12 or newer. It's easily removable so you can wirelessly charge on a whim. It slides easily into your pocket. We've been testing it for months, and now we're addicted. It has changed the way we use our phones. This was just an early look. Pre-orders will be going live in the next few weeks, so stay subscribed and keep an eye out. You will be able to get your hands on one very soon. Next week, we'll give you a peek at the MagCase.

Top 5 ways to use your Scooch case this summer:

 #1) Kick back at the pool and watch a video with the Wingman. After a long swimming sesh, you deserve to lounge out and work on that tan while your Wingman props up some good content for you. Try not to fall asleep with it on your chest though, no one wants a Clickstand tan line. #2) Grill out while FaceTiming with the Wingmate. The Wingmate's card kickstand puts your phone at the perfect angle for a hands-free FaceTime call. Keep flipping those burgers, and tell your mom you love her, face-to-face. Save a hot dog for me please. #3) GPS your way to a family vacation with the Wingmount. Every Scooch product is compatible with our tiny, strong car mount, the Wingmount. Mount your phone in your car effortlessly and keep the good times rolling. #4) Grip your phone on an amusement park ride with the Wingback. You were sending a last-minute text before the roller coaster took off, and you're pinned between someone else and the edge of the seat - no way can you get it into your pocket now. Pop that Wingback and hold on tight. #5) Protect your phone from drops when you're active. You're enjoying a bike ride on a sunny day, you hit one bump, and boom - your phone falls. It's scratched and cracked on the cement. Should've had the Wingmate Total Protection Package with $200 Device Coverage. Talk about road rash.

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