Our iPhone 14 Case Lineup

Introducing the MagCase Reading Our iPhone 14 Case Lineup 2 minutes

Apple just announced the iPhone 14 event


September 7th: iPhone 14 series gets unveiled by Apple.
September 9th: iPhone 14 pre-orders go out.
September 16th: They're in your hands.

And we're ready; Ready to protect your new iPhone and give you all sorts of new ways to use it. Most of these new cases will be available for purchase on September 7th, right when Apple announces it. You'll be able to have your case before your iPhone 14 even shows up in the mail. Here is our iPhone 14 Series Lineup of cases.


Our famous wallet case in an all-new purple color, along with the classic black. Now comes with $100 device coverage in case your phone breaks.


Classic Scooch 5-in-1 functionality in Clear and Tuxedo Clear. Now comes with $100 device coverage in case your phone breaks.


Scooch's first venture into MagSafe - compatible with all our upcoming MagSafe accessories. It has super strong magnets and it always comes bundled with a tempered glass screen protector. Also comes with $100 device coverage.

*May not be available until mid-late September


Scooch's first MagSafe accessory. A match made in heaven when combined with the MagCase. 4-in-1 functionality in a MagSafe wallet.

ReStyle Bundles

Our most popular prints, back together in a convenient bundle. Compatible with all of our clear cases.

 And even more is coming... Get ready folks. This year is gonna be a doozy. More announcements are yet to come. We'll let you know when it all lands on our website.