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As advertised

This is the coolest gadget

I love this! I’m clumsy and drop my phone too much, but with the Scooch I can hold my phone steady and it makes setting it to record myself or take a photo or even watch something on my phone super easy and I love that I can change the background design and its not boring but can still show my personality like a other cell case! It’s my favorite!

Works Great for Non-flagship Phone

Using on Samsung A52 with Otterbox Commuter case. It does add more bulk than the wingman cases they sell but well worth it for ease of holding, setting down to view at an angle (both horizontal and vertical). Previously had a wingman for S9 and it was the best and lasted longer than the phone itself (I used for 3+ years). Glue has been strong, no issues, which was my main concern.

Mi mini is great

My father ordered one for his 13 pro, it is a broken mini 13. I need to send it back through Prime I guess

Great case !

This thing is awesome, the corner snap together so firmly, I never have to worry about a card slipping out of it. Great design, easy and comfortable, just a great product.
Y’all made a solid case with this one for sure !

Great case

Great case. Could not live without it (I think :-)). In fact, I bought S21 Ultra instead of the regular S21, because this case is not available for S21.

Love 💕 it

So happy I found this, works perfectly

Wingman for iPhone 13 Mini
Anne Hendrickson
Love the scooch!

This is a great case for protection, convenience, and I like how it works with the magnetic dash mount. Best phone case I've ever had. And I've had a few.

Great case

Well designed. Love being able to prop up my phone to watch videos

Love it!

Had one with my 11 and was glad there was one for the 13.

A functional product!!!

Well engineered,,, its my second iPhone case from you folks.

Wingmount - Universal Magnetic Car Mount

Just like new

The kick stand replacement work just like the original one

Maverick for iPhone 11
Louise Emerick
It’s amazing 🤩

Worth every penny !! Fits great and is super helpful with everyday things

Wingman for iPhone 13
Morgan Nickerson

Thin, comfortable case.

Best case ever

Super protective, I’ve dropped my phone multiple times and there is no crack in it. The stand is a great accessory for when I want to watch a video on my phone.

Super easy

This process was super easy and quick.

Great Case

I love this case. It's light weight and the kickstand is really cool. I like the option to press it out to use it but it's relatively flat otherwise.
Definitely a great case

It works

I like it except that my phone no longer fits properly in my dash mount. With the added wingman on the back, things are too think now. Nothing of the products fault. I can’t deduct a star for that but I’m not as happy as I could be.

Wingman for iPhone 13
Emily Stephens
Scooch never disappoints!

I have purchased one of these phone cases for every new phone I get and now for each one of my kids. They are sturdy and have proven time and again to hold up!

Love it! I used the Scooch with my iPhone XR and now with my new iPhone 13. Would not go without it - so many uses.

Wingman for iPhone 11
Erin McLendon

I love how easy this is to use. Pop sockets usually make my phone too bulky to fit in any holders (especially when I’m driving) but this is fantastic!
I love that the colors are interchangeable and the stand is sturdy & easy to use

Best phone case

This is my 3rd swoosh case and I can’t ever go back to any other one. This is by far the most superior phone case!

Kick-Standing Ovation

It only took seconds to replace my old worn-out kickstand with its new replacement. The new kickstand is firm, makes a crisp snapping sound when pressed then immediately extends. Unlike my old used-up kickstand, the new one doesn't hesitate or struggle to return to its flat, original position.

Best phone case ever

I have bought this phone case twice. One for my old phone and when I upgraded phones I refused to have anything but. I love that the wingman case allows you to either magnetically mount or use the car vents to mount your phone. It makes it easy to prop your phone up on a table or counter or even a couch cushion. I’ve also dropped my phone too many times then I’d like to admit (clumsy)and my phone has never shattered or even cracked. I like that you can remove the clip in order to charge. My first clip broke after about a years use, but the replacement was like $3 and I didn’t have to worry about shipping. It’s so easy to grip and the wingman makes it even more so. One more thing…. My husband, mom and dad all have a scooch case on their phones and they would all highly recommend them. My husband bought a different phone case when we got new phones and almost immediately repurchased a wingman again. I don’t often review products, but I’ve absolutely loved this case.

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