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So far, so great!

I really like my new case. It looks great and it magnetized, so it sticks to the mount. So far, so great!


Functions as well as I remember when I had another case years ago

Wish you had a bright color for IPhone 13 Pro Max!

It’s a great case and stand and grip.


I have 4 cards which makes it difficult to retrieve .3 card will work perfectly . At times it is very difficult to open. I’m ok with the problem because it is exactly what was needed

Kickstand Replacement for Wingman Cases

First one to hang on

Having a large lifted truck that bounces around this is the first case and mount that has ever been able to hang on!

Wingman for Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

Wingmate for iPhone 13 Mini

Great product

Love the wing back! It solved the car solution without all of the extra gizmos required with other solutions. It’s sleek design fits in my pocket without the added bulk of other devices. It’s multi position stand is another great feature. Only downside is you can’t use inductive charging.

My wife loves it

Main issue with getting her a new phone was she had to have a case to hold a drivers license and a credit card. This does the job. She is very happy

S22 Plus

The flashlight on new S22 Plus enhances and reflects the flashlight light, and disperses the light around the whole case, so at night when you point flashlight, the case literally shines light BACK in to your face.

Wingman for Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

Wingman for iPhone 13 Pro

Mount it where you want it the 1st time!

1st magnetic car mounted since 2018. 3.5+ years, it’s never been an issue. Being in the hot, humid south, the heat has not effected the glue! I love my case too. However, I had to replace the 1st case after 1yr bc the pop up wouldn’t lay right. Now I’m replacing after 1yr on my new phone bc the plastic clip that holds the kick stand to the case broke. I do wish the case was offered in more colors. Love it bc of it’s functionality, and it’s NOT bulky!! Overall, I give Scooch ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️!
I still use a glass shield to protect my screen though. I’m a frequent phone dropper. You’ll love it!!!

This works great for me

I have the Scooch Wingman on my phone and I use it all the time. For my uses, it's perfect. In fact, I'm about to order one as a birthday gift for a friend. It's slim so it's unobtrusive, but it's strong so you can depend on it.

Scooch Warranty Program - Case Replacement

Best case ever!

I've gotten a few compliments on this unique case. It's perfect for my phone, and they shipped within hours of my order. Amazing!


Best case ever!
With the interchangeable inserts it's like I've got a new phone everytime I change it out.


I love these cases and love the warranty program

Best Gift

It was a Mother’s Day gift for my daughter. She absolutely loved it.

Wingman for Samsung Galaxy S10

Great product

I love that I can use the case I want and still utilize the Scooch convenience. Secures tight and never disappoints.

I Love This case

I have used this case on my past 3 phones. This time I even ordered it before I got my phone. Plus they made it even better since you can now remove the clip and use a wireless charger.

so great that I ordered another

I just ordered another wingman for my note10+. You can see how long the one I had lasted until I decided to get a new one, well, because I drop it a lot on concrete floors. And it has protected my phone for a looooong time. The flip-out wingman is better than I ever thought it could be. After all of these years, the clear rubberish edge is starting to yellow a bit but that's the only minor thing that's changed and I am just vain enough that I decided to get a new one while they are still available.

Really, this us the most awesome protector that I've ever had for a good that I will buy one again if I ever have to update my phone.

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