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Scooch 3 in 1 Bundle | Phone Case, Protective Glass, Car Mount


Scooch MAVERICK Case:

The Scooch MAVERICK case offers an incredible amount of versatility with 4 in 1 function. It's designed to work with magnetic car mounts without having to add a bulky metal plate, and it still allows for wireless charging right out of the box. Equipped with an enhanced grip texture, it helps you prevent drops. As if it could do more, it also protects your phone investment with military standard drop protection tested from 10 feet high.

Fortress LEVEL (Flat) Tempered Glass

  • $200 Insurance
  • Easy Align and Install tool included

1X Tempered Glass Screen Protector w/ Fortress Focus (that green thing attached to the glass, it helps you get the perfect install)

1X Install Pack
     -1x Wipe: Prep Formula (antibacterial agent, nanometer activator, degreasing agent, antistatic agent)
     -2x Tactical Dust Removal Stickers: that dust has GOT TO GO!
     -1x Microfiber cloth


  • UNIVERSAL MAGNETIC MOUNT - Works with all phones on the market.
  • POWERFUL MAGNETS - With three (3) pounds of holding power, your phone is kept secure. It's also safe for all phones!
  • SLEEK MADE SIMPLE - The small size of the mount makes it easy to add to any car without taking up a lot of room.
  • 180 DEGREE PIVOTING HEAD - Turn your Wingmount in any direction you need to view your device
  • WIRELESS CHARGING COMPATIBLE - The Quool Charge Mounting Badge is the ONLY mounting badge on the market that works with wireless charging and magnetic mounting.

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