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Scooch Wingman Case for iPhone SE 2nd Gen (also fits 8, 7, 6s, 6)

Tuxedo Clear
Rose Gold
Painter Canvas
Pink Marble
White Marble
Blushing Feather
Scooch Trust Badge





Note: Patterned cases (Leopard, Painter Canvas, White Marble, Pink Marble, Blushing Feather) are Clear-backed cases with a ReStyle Insert.

NOTE: Tuxedo Case variants have a removable kickstand and ARE compatible with wireless charging. All other variants (Clear, Black, Rose Gold) are NOT compatible with wireless charging due to their non-removable kickstand. These variants were originally designed for the iPhone 8/7/6s/6 but will still perfectly fit the iPhone SE 2nd Gen.

The Scooch WINGMAN is a case designed to make life easier and less cluttered by being the most useful phone case on the market. The WINGMAN's kickstand makes it the most useful case on the market because it allows you to morph your case into a mount, a convenient grip, and a kickstand.


  • PROTECT IT: The Scooch Wingman case for the iPhone SE 2nd Gen meets military drop standards through EXO-D Impact technology. It helps ensure your phone investment is kept safe.
  • MOUNT IT: Your Scooch Wingman case for the iPhone SE 2nd Gen makes mounting in your car a pain-free experience. Insert the kickstand into a horizontal air vent or the CD player and you have hands-free mounting.
  • GRIP IT: The Scooch Wingman case for the iPhone SE 2nd Gen eliminates pinky fatigue and gives you reach to the highest corners of your phone. Grip the kickstand while using to interact with your device in whole new ways.
  • KICK IT: The Wingman case for the iPhone SE 2nd Gen lets you view and use your device in Landscape and Portrait modes. Using your phone while cooking, or viewing video has never been simpler.

Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews
Jane Kozuch
Best Kickstand Case, Period

I've been using kickstand cases on my phone for years. I have always bought super cheap ones, on purpose, because I end up needing to replace it about every 6 months. The kick stands are always cheap plastic and have no reinforcement but I was willing to put up with the breakage because I love being able to prop my phone up in either direction, portrait or landscape. I've only had this case for about 1 hour and I already LOVE it. First, I can tell that this kickstand will not break if I drop the phone while it's open because it has a little give (and I watched the video, which is pretty dang cool). Second, I sometimes play solitaire with my phone in kickstand mode and using my old case, the phone starts to slide around. The Scooch has a little bit of a rubbery surface on the kickstand so it doesn't slide around from light pushes. Third, the model where the kickstand portion detaches makes it so I can finally wirelessly charge without pulling my entire case off. I also travel a great deal and it's a pain to carry a car vent holder for my phone so I can use navigation while I drive rental cars in cities I've never been to. I've been just dealing with the phone sitting on the passenger seat but this is going to be great to hook into a car vent. Thanks Scooch for creating the PERFECT phone case.

Justin Hole
Great product and fast delivery

This is my second Scooch, and I love it. Such a convenient and clever product

Wes Miller
Replacement Case

I replaced my old Scooch case with this new one because the old one flipped the “wing” open to easily. Made my pants pocket look a bit odd, LOL. Anyway the new one seems much stiffer and won’t open accidentally.

Still standing

My daughter first purchased a Scooch, which proved to be very beneficial when I’m in the kitchen. I love to cook and try new recipes, reading recipes from my phone has made it convenient with my Scooch.
This is my second Scooch, after years of use it was time to replace. The process was easy, even when I ordered the wrong size, they replaced it and helped return my error with ease…sold on Scooch!

Benjamin Snyder
I can’t live with my Scooch!

I owed one of the older cases when I first purchased my iPhone 8 a couple years ago and wore it out. The new one I got was built even better. I couldn’t be more pleased with it. The tuxedo makes my iPhone 8 look brand new!

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