Congratulations! You now own a Wingmount!

Video Instructions

Here's what's in the box:

• Scooch Wingmount
• Magnetic Steel Badges
• Wet & Dry Wipes
• Extra 3M Adhesive

Installation Instructions:

1. Find a spot on your Dashboard that is in a good position for viewing your device. The best location to affix the Wingmount are hard, shiny plastics on your car's dash.
2. Use the included wet wipe to wipe down the area.
3. Use the included dry wipe to wipe down the area. Make sure the area is clear of dust or residue.
4. Press the mount, firmly, onto the newly cleaned spot on your dashboard, and hold it for 15 seconds.
5. Place your device onto the newly affixed Wingmount and enjoy!

How to remove the Wingmount if needed:

1. We recommend that you use a old credit card or some dental floss to get underneath the adhesive and pry it off since it is so strong. DO NOT try and pull the Wingmount off your dash. It will most likeley damage it.
2. Remove the remaining adhesive from the bottom of the Wingmount.
3. Take the included extra adhesive from your Wingmount package and put it on the base of the Wingmount.
4. Find a new spot to place your Wingmount.
5. Follow the same steps from the installation steps above!


The Scooch Wingmount is universally compatible.

The Wingmount works natively with:

  • Wingman
  • Wingmate
  • Wingback

The Wingmount works with cases and accessories with:

  • MagCase + MagWallet
  • Any Case + Steel Badge

The best placement of the Scooch Steel Badge is on the outside of your phone case, 3/4 and inch up or down from the middle. If your case is 1mm thin or thinner, you can also apply the Scooch Steel Badge to the inside of the phone case.

Cases That Work Natively:

  • Wingman
  • Wingmate
  • Wingback

Cases That Work With Accessories:

  • MagCase + MagWallet
  • Any Case + Steel Badge

Yes! Your phone are credit cards are 100% safe from the magnets!

No. The Steel badge interferes with the ability to wirelessly charge your phone.