Scooch Wingmount - Universal Magnetic Car Mount

The Scooch Wingmount™ is the only magnetic mount on the market offering a badge for mounting that allows wireless charging without the need to reposition it!

As your DO MORE series anchor: WINGMOUNT provides secure vehicle mounting across all vehicle shapes and sizes. Working with the entire DO MORE product line, your WINGMOUNT remains a constant on your vehicle dashboard-allowing you to DO MORE while committing to safer driving.


  • ALLOWS WIRELESS CHARGING: The included Quool Charge™ Badge can be placed near the center of your phone for magnetic mounting without interfering with Qi Wireless Charging
  • SINGLE HAND USE: Magnetic Mounting is the simplest way to securely mount your device. There's no need to pinch the mount together while holding your phone. Simply lay your device onto the mount and the magnet does the work!
  • SAFE FOR PHONES: The Wingmount is safe to use with your phone and will not damage it through the magnetic force.
  • VERTICAL OR HORIZONTAL MOUNTING: Since the Quool Charge™ can be placed in the center of your phone, you can mount your device vertically or horizontally with the same level of secure mounting in each position.
  • INCLUDED: Wingmount, Quool Charge Badge, Scooch Medallion, Wet & Dry Wipes, Extra Adhesive for repositioning your Wingmount.

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