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Scooch WINGBACK | Pop Up Phone Grip & Stand for Phones and Tablets

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The Wingback is a standalone kickstand accessory, which sticks onto the back of a phone or flat phone case. It will not replace a kickstand on our Scooch Wingman cases. To get a replacement kickstand, click here.

  • UNIVERSAL: Our Scooch Wingback works with almost any phone or any case. If you love your case and don't want to get rid of it, simply stick this to the back and you're good to go! If you want to make sure your phone can DO MORE, you need one of these.
  • KICK IT: By attaching the Wingback to the back of your phone or case, you instantly enable your device to be used hands free in portrait or landscape mode.
  • MOUNT IT: The Wingback will instantly morph your phone or case into a car-mount ready device. Attach it to the back of your device and mount it to a magnetic car mount like the Scooch Wingmount or in the air vents for a safer, hands free, car.
  • GRIP IT: Attaching the Wingback to your phone or case can eliminate pinky shelf. I bet you're holding your phone up right now with your pinky underneath it. Right? STOP IT! By using the Wingback, you can stop using your pinky as a phone shelf and actually reach the top corners of your device
  • SUPPORT GREAT CAUSES: With each purchase of your Scooch Do More accessories, we donate 10% to programs that support victims of crime & domestic abuse

Want to make sure it'll fit your phone? Here's the skinny on the Wingback:

  • Height: 3.9"
  • Width: 1.6"
  • Depth: .23"

Customer Reviews

Based on 61 reviews
Hayden Beaven
Good quality

The only reason this did not get 5 stars from me is bc I'm used to something a little different. It's great quality for sure would last with the life of the phone and then some.

Great product

I wanted the case but had to settle for the grip I had to adhere myself to my case. It works great and I love it, but if you chose this option make sure the placement is perfect because there is no second chance to correct. I got mine a bit too low to be really comfortable in my hand, but it works— just not as perfectly as when the wingback is already attached to a case. It would have been nice to have tips about placement.
Otherwise this is a great product. Just wish I had it placed right.

Roy Johnson
Snap-in Wingman Replacement kickstand is too tight ... can't remove it

I love the Scooch case. I have a Samsung Note 20 Ultra. When the kickstand broke I ordered a replacement kickstand. It arrived and I attached it to my Scooch case. The problem is ... the new replacement kickstand is Much TOO tight. The only way I can get the kickstand off the case (in order to charge the phone on a wireless pad) is to (forcefully) use a screwdriver or some other tool. I have broken fingernails on both hands. Using those tools to forcefully remove the kickstand, I'm certain it will only take a few times before I break the plastic tab that holds the kickstand in place. I want to be able use my fingers to "pop" out the kickstand like I could with my original case.

Crystal Keith
Works great

I used to have the scoosh case and loved it, but they don't make a case for my new phone so I got this onevthat sticks on. It works great.

Scott Byrne
Worked great, until..

This worked great until one day the kickstand wouldn't straighten out and go back into the case, resulting in it always being out and curled like I have it out to use it. Sucks because I paid $28 or so and don't want to drive all the way back to the city k bought it for just for a return. If there is a way to fix this, then I'd love to hear it.